Ida Johansen


  • Lives in: Norway
  • Date of birth: 15th April 1992
  • Hometown: Vinterbro
  • Discipline: Show jumping
  • Greatest Achievement: Norwegian Champion in 2015, winner of the 2* Grand Prix at the Oslo Horse Show in 2016

I grew up in a family that was not particularly interested in horses, so I probably started to ride a little later than my other teammates; I skipped the pony phase and got my first horse at the age of 13. But it was only after I bought the horse Lady Catalina in 2009 that I was able to make it on to the national team.

From there I made quick progress, riding at the European Championships for young riders in 2010, where we won the B final. I have also ridden World Cup, with 4 penalty points as my best result.

Now I have four horses at the farm where I live with my mom, dad, little sister and my husband. All of them are just as fond of horses as I am, so they all pitch in to help when needed.

My goal as a senior rider is to have good and even rounds in Grand Prix classes, and train new and young horses that are to move up and forward in the sport.

I work in the Horze store at Vinterbro, and then it is especially fun to be part of Team Horze.