Stine Løkken


  • Lives in: Norway
  • Date of birth: 27/05/1985
  • Hometown: Elverum
  • Discipline: Showjumping
  • Greatest Achievement: Representing Norway in the Nations Cups.

Stine had the typical teenage girl pony fever that tends to attack young girls of this age, and she began at a riding school. However, unlike many, Stine continued, finding it a joy to be able to constantly learn new things and challenging herself.. “I kept learning and riding and always wanting to get that little bit further in the sport.” Today Stine is a top Norwegian Show-jumper, travelling all over Europe and competing as part as the Norwegian Team. “My greatest achievement is that I am competing at Nations Cups and representing Norway. I remember coming to watch these shows as a young girl and watching the team, but I could never imagine that one day it would be me.”

She competes regularly with 4 horses and has 3 which she is currently training up. “Training young horses is very rewarding. To see them progress into talented, confident jumpers and know that it is your own work. As for my older horses, I feel they teach me more than I teach them!” Stine has had great success, including becoming Norwegian Indoor Champion in 2008. She competes regularly in Grand Prixs and this year achieved her highest ranking to date at the Artic Equestrian Games in Vestfold, achieving third place.

It´s important to remember what it´s all about and where I started. Never be one of those riders that doesn´t see their horses apart from the times that they are riding and competing.